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Sep 03


Hester Street Fair Presents: Test Kitchen

Keeping true to our roots and fueling the spirit of entrepreneurship, we are having our first annual “Test Kitchen” for all first time food vendors.

competition Hester Street Fair

Sep 17


"We Started Here" Festival & Fair

Hester Street Fair celebrates businesses, who started with us!

Free Hester Street Fair

Sep 18


LES Talent Show

Discover the best talent of the LES

competition Hester Street Fair

Sep 24


Wellness Weekend

We are celebrating health and wellness!

Free Hester Street Fair
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hester street fair Georgia sun araw

Hester Street Fair’s Hi-at-us Is-land with Georgia and Sun Araw

Hester Street Fair's Hi-at-us Is-land with Georgia and Sun Araw

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Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair is located in the heart of the Lower East Side – on the historic grounds of what, at the turn of the century, was New York City’s largest pushcart market. The Hester Street Fair pays homage to it’s strong neighborhood roots by bringing together a collection of the city’s best vendors in a bustling outdoor marketplace.


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