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Apr 15


Hester Street Fair Season 8 Opening Weekend

Calling all Good Vibes for special opening weekend of Season 8

Free Hester Street Fair

Apr 22


Hester Street Fair Earth Day

We will celebrate Earth Day with environmentally conscious goods, foods, herbs and plants

Free Hester Street Fair

Apr 23


Seward Park Garage Sale & Kosher Cook-out

Come check out what Seward Park's residents have to offer and grab some Kosher Grub!

Free Hester Street Fair

Apr 29


Wellness Weekend

We are celebrating health and wellness

Free Hester Street Fair
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Peek Inside the Hester Street Fair Holiday Market

Learn about what you can buy, gift, and experience! Hester Street Fair Holiday market is located at 117 Beekman Street, at the intersection of Pearl, Water, and Beekman Streets at Titanic Memorial Park. Can't make it to the shop? Check out a selection of products from our Holiday Market at our online store - http://www.hesterstreetfair.com/shop

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Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair is located in the heart of the Lower East Side – on the historic grounds of what, at the turn of the century, was New York City’s largest pushcart market. The Hester Street Fair pays homage to it’s strong neighborhood roots by bringing together a collection of the city’s best vendors in a bustling outdoor marketplace.


Corner of Hester and Essex

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